The 127 Yard Sale Celebrates 35th Anniversary

July 14th, 2022 - Pikeville, Tennessee

  • Also known as “The World’s Longest Yard Sale” this unique event has been drawing hundreds of thousands of people (shoppers/vendors) each year since 1987.


The 127 Yard Sale has officially begun for 2019!

The #127YardSale has officially begun for 2019!

It runs today through Sunday. Have fun and drive safe.


NBC Nightly News Follows 12-Year Veterans of the 127 Yard Sale

Tonight's "Nightly SNAPSHOT" on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt focused on this year's 127 Yard Sale. They followed 12-year veterans of The World's Longest Yard Sale, Delilah Snell and Gustavo Arellano, as they traveled the route for their annual 127 Yard Sale trip.

"Nearly every item in this couple’s home was purchased at The World’s Longest Yard Sale..."


Weather Forecast 2019, Very low chance of rain!

With very low rain chances and moderate temperatures forecasted for this year's 127 Yard Sale (2019), the weather is going to be awesome! 


The chances for rain are extremely low everywhere on our map for the first 3 days. Sunday brings a slightly higher chance of rain only for the southern portions of the route.

Michigan: 10-20% | Ohio: 10-20% | Kentucky: 10-20% | Tennessee: 20-50% | Georgia: 20 - 50% | Alabama: 20-50%  


Weather Forecast 2018

Your 2018 forecast for all 4-days of this year's 127 Yard Sale is here.


Hurray! There are currently no temperatures forecasted to reach into the 90s on the entire 127 Yard Sale route Thursday-Sunday this year. However, Gadsden, AL will get close on Sunday climbing up to 89. Every city shown on the forecast map will start out cooler on Thursday and gradually increase throughout the weekend with the warmest temps expected on Sunday. Be sure to drink plenty of water!