The 127 Yard Sale has officially begun for 2019!

The #127YardSale has officially begun for 2019!

It runs today through Sunday. Have fun and drive safe.


127 Yard Sale Its Happening Now 2019

Here are a few last-minute tips and helpful links:

  1. Drive carefully and watch out for pedestrians. Also, be respectful of the locals who may just be trying to get to work or home.

  2. Don't get lost!  Take a look at the interactive Google route map. You can also view and print directions through Georgia and Alabama. This part of the route follows the Lookout Mountain Parkway and it can be tricky.

  3. Visit Major Vendor Stops. Make the most of your time by visiting Major Vendor Stops. At these locations, you'll find 25+ vendors grouped together typically with one or more food vendors and restrooms.

  4. Don't be in such a hurry that you miss out on all the fun! Slow down and enjoy this one-of-a-kind event and make some memories! 4 days will go by so fast if you're hyper-focused on hustling from one location to the next.

  5. Don't forget your official t-shirts. Order the exclusive 2019 127 Yard Sale t-shirts >


127 Yard Sale T shirts 2019