Weather Forecast 2019, Very low chance of rain!

With very low rain chances and moderate temperatures forecasted for this year's 127 Yard Sale (2019), the weather is going to be awesome! 


The chances for rain are extremely low everywhere on our map for the first 3 days. Sunday brings a slightly higher chance of rain only for the southern portions of the route.

Michigan: 10-20% | Ohio: 10-20% | Kentucky: 10-20% | Tennessee: 20-50% | Georgia: 20 - 50% | Alabama: 20-50%  


There is currently only one location on our map forecasted to reach into the 90s which is in Gadsden, AL However, it's only a high of 91 on the hottest day. Everywhere else will be in the 80s for all 4 days. Be sure to drink plenty of water!


Michigan: 82/59  | Ohio: 83/60 | Kentucky: 85/63  | Tennessee: 85/64  | Georgia: 86/66 | Alabama: 88/68   

Overall this forecast is the best we've seen in recent years.

Note: To all the first-timers, rain during the 127 Yard Sale is very typical. Vendors expect some rain and should be prepared. They may close temporarily if necessary but will reopen ASAP after the rain subsides. Don't panic! Just be patient and drive carefully and be ready for it.

127 yard sale weather 2019