Weather Forecast 2018

Your 2018 forecast for all 4-days of this year's 127 Yard Sale is here.


Hurray! There are currently no temperatures forecasted to reach into the 90s on the entire 127 Yard Sale route Thursday-Sunday this year. However, Gadsden, AL will get close on Sunday climbing up to 89. Every city shown on the forecast map will start out cooler on Thursday and gradually increase throughout the weekend with the warmest temps expected on Sunday. Be sure to drink plenty of water!


The chances for rain are low, mostly below 30%, for northern Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan. Southern Kentucky has a little bit higher chance for rain on Thursday and Saturday. Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama's rain chances will be the highest on Thursday at about 80-90% for most locations and then will drop down to around 50% for Friday-Sunday. 

Note: To all the first-timers, rain during the 127 Yard Sale is very typical. Vendors expect some rain and should be prepared. They may close temporarily if necessary but will reopen ASAP after the rain subsides. Don't panic! Just be patient and drive carefully and be ready for it.

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